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Records Management Solution for Fire & EMS Agencies

Our Mission

EIS provides cutting edge Fire & EMS Records Management Solutions to Emergency Services Agencies across the United States.

Who are we

Key Features

Ease of Use

Our products were designed and developed by professionals with Fire and EMS backgrounds. It think's like you. 


Each module was developed to stand on its own. When combined information is shared seamlessly to eliminate duplication and streamline operations. 

Powerful Queries

Using our Query by Forms Technology, it is easier to find, retrieve, arrange and present data without third party reporting tools. 

Field Data

Our ePCR and NFIRS reporting system is field tested. This option improves quality of data while saving hours of work.

How it works

Our Software

The Flagship 

EIS-RMS is our complete, fully-integrated Records Management System (RMS) that is designed to provide one stop data management for your Fire Department or EMS Agency. EIS-RMS is a modualr system that allows you to select only the features and options that you need.

Incident Reporting, Life Safety and Human Resource Management are the three core modules that make up our base solution. There are multiple options and interfaces to third-Party products, such as CAD systems, medical devices and medical billing packages that round out our total solution. 

Our products are developed using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 as its foundation and employ current industry standards. This means your IT professionals are using technologies they already understand and know how to support. Making it easier to get up and running. 

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