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EIS Road Map


EIS’ initial development will be focused on a complete rewrite of Life Safety and Human Resources.

  • Q1 2017 –Product Specifications

  • The first quarter of 2017 will be dedicated to gathering customer input on Life Safety and Human Resources.

  • We will be providing a Customer Community web site where any user of HP’s existing products will be able to provide input and discuss with EIS their needs and requirements for the new product offerings.

  • Anybody interested in joining our Customer Community can register at

  • Q2 & Q3 – Product Development

  • The second and third quarters will be dedicated to the development of the new product offering. The following are the expected modules that will be included in this cycle. The listed modules are subject to change based on information gathered during the first quarter.

  • Life Safety

  • Occupancy Information

  • Fire Inspections

  • PreFire Planning

  • Construction Project Management

  • Life Safety Mobile

  • Human Resources

  • Employee Information

  • Time Accounting

  • Benefits (Insurance, PTO, etc.)

  • Certificate Management

  • Training Record Management

  • Q4 – Beta Testing and Product Release

  • During the final quarter of 2017, we will enter the product release phase. This includes final beta-testing and General Availability Release.

  • If your agency is interested in being involved with beta-testing, please feel free to email us at We will be limiting the number of beta sites based on our development needs.


As we move beyond the initial product release, we have plans to continue development of the Human Resources and Life Safety modules, but also we are looking to continue to add new products. Below are the products we expect to integrate into our overall solution. As we get closer to starting on these modules, we’ll begin taking customer feedback on the Customer Community site.

  • Incident Reporting

  • ePCR (NEMSIS v3)


  • Mobile

  • Physical Resources

  • Inventory

  • Hydrants

  • Hose Tracking

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